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Larry Gilkey was born in 1978, and grew up in the inner city of Indianapolis.  At the age of 8, while attending the public school system, one of his teachers attempted to label him with a learning disability due to the poor quality of work and participation he demonstrated in her class.  Larry’s mother, being a woman of faith, quickly rejected the bogus diagnosis of her son and was able to have him transferred to a township school.

By the grace of God a program had been put in place by the government making it mandatory for Township schools to bus a certain amount of inner city kids into their school system.  Larry was one amongst only two busloads of inner city black children from his neighborhood able to attend a predominantly white school located in a suburban area on the outskirts of Indianapolis.                

With education being the number one priority in his new school environment, Larry excelled in all his classes almost instantly becoming an A and B student overnight. He was ranked in the top 10 percentile of his classmates from the time he arrived in second grade well into his sophomore year of high school. 

In the early 90’s during his freshman year, crack cocaine began to make a very strong and dominant impression in his neighborhood and those surrounding.  Larry knew of the drug by the time he was in junior high, but had never actually seen any until he reached high school.  As crack began to engulf his neighborhood, he started witnessing two environments extremely opposite from each other. 

At school
he was exposed to a suburban environment with caring and compassionate teachers who valued education and making sure their students had the proper tools to be successful upstanding citizens.

He was also surrounded by students who came from upscale two parent family settings.

On the other hand, when he stepped off the bus after a fanciful day at school, the harsh reality of his home environment set in. 

His household wasn’t totally dysfunctional, because good Christian values and morals were deeply rooted through his great grandmother and grandmother; who lived in his household along with his mother, uncles, cousins, grandfather, and other family members who moved in and out.
However, many of the surrounding households throughout the neighborhood were very dysfunctional and many had become victims to the crack epidemic. 

Larry never really paid close attention to the destruction being caused by drugs in his community as opposed to the drug dealers who were flourishing as a result of selling them.  After a period of constantly seeing these dealers parade around the neighborhood with money, power, and respect; Larry began to yearn for those same things. Soon school became second priority because money was first accompanied by the lust for “street life.” By the age of 16, he had traded all his academic accomplishments and potential scholarships for a life of selling drugs, smoking weed, and drinking on the block with all the other lost souls on the road to damnation.

A month before he turned 17, Larry was arrested for possession of and selling cocaine.  While spending a month in juvenile, he began attempting to read the Bible and made a vow to God, like most do, to change his life and never touch drugs again if He would just get him out of that situation. Instead of being sent to
Boys School like the other teens in his same predicament, the judge took into consideration Larry’s academic history and deemed him as a good kid who made a bad mistake.
The judge gave Larry a modified plea bargain which sentenced him to six months on home detention and that he would return to his original high school and graduate.

Accepting the challenge, he returned to high school, caught back up with his class and graduated on time. Once graduating, he set his sights on attending Clark College in Atlanta, Georgia in order to get away from his city and environment. However, due to certain financial setbacks, he was forced to attend a community college.

as his dream of leaving the city for college faded farther away, so did his enthusiasm for seeking a higher education.  Strapped for money, he returned back to the streets he had once adored so much in order to make some quick cash. He justified what he was doing concerning the vow he’d made to God a year before, by saying he only vowed not to sell crack, but marijuana was fair game.  Of course selling marijuana wasn’t profitable enough because it was also his drug of choice along with alcohol. Therefore, he began to sell crack and completely indulged himself into the lifestyle which came with it; once again forsaking his education for the streets. Totally disregarding the promise and vow he had made to God less than a year prior, he began to slip deeper and deeper into the darkness of the streets.

The street life or “thug life” began to consume him as evil and perverse thoughts of getting money by any means necessary became his normal thought pattern.  He began to associate more and more with darkness to the point of sleeping late into the day and emerging closer to dusk in order to fulfill his call to the streets.  At the time, he didn’t realize these actions, thoughts, and behavior were ultimately opening him up for evil and dark spirits to attach themselves to him, and ultimately express themselves through him. Basically Larry was offering his soul down to the kingdom of darkness and didn’t realize it.  He even thought he still had a healthy and active relationship with God, which was far from the truth. 

One night, he and several friends came across a drug called “Sherm” or “Wet,” which is PCP a hallucinogenic drug.  He had only heard of it referred to in songs by various rap artists such as Tupac, and figured if they rapped about it and didn’t say anything bad concerning it; then it was okay to try it.  Tupac, who was his idol at the time, had even made mention of doing it himself and experiencing a feeling of flying in the air. Unbeknownst to Larry, this would open up his mind in such a way that demonic forces would gain such a dominating influence over his thoughts and mind that he would become almost totally submissive to their suggestions and requests.

After a few weeks of ingesting this drug on a daily basis, the effects began to dramatically show in his character and behavior.  On several occasions he lost complete sense of reality and thought he was someone he wasn’t (tupac).  
After approximately three weeks of using the drug, an unthinkable tragedy took place
in his life and the life of his friend. in a      hallucinogenic and demonic mind state, he took the life of his friend.  At the age of eighteen, Larry had forfeited his very soul to the devil.

Everyone thought Larry had crossed over to the point of no return and would be condemned to life in prison as well as hell. He had even become a prime candidate for the mental institution his lawyers’ attempted to sanction for on his behalf as a result of the insanity which plagued his mind after realizing what he had done.

Note: “I do not blame Tupac for anything which occurred in my life.
  I take full responsibility for my actions and what I did. However, I would like to bring to light the truth about how the enemy uses music to influence our youth. Many rap artists are merely pawns playing positions assigned to them knowingly or unknowingly. Many of the artists don’t have a clue about the forces behind and driving the lyrical content some, not all, dispense to the minds of our youth. At one time in my life I was in darkness as well, and could not see the damage and decay it causes to the body of Christ or society as a whole. I was unaware of the spiritual war which exists between the kingdom of darkness (Satan) and the kingdom of God (Jesus). Although we, partakers of the kingdom of God, already have the ending victory concerning the entire war; the battles still wage on a daily basis until the King (Jesus) returns. Therefore, for anyone to claim they are just exercising their right of speech, my question would be who are they exercising it for? EXPOSING DARKNESS = SPREADING LIGHT,” as quoted by Larry Gilkey.

However, the redemptive power of Jesus had something totally different in store for Mr. Gilkey! Hallelujah!

Convicted: A True Story: My Life After Death begins with the tragic death of Larry Gilkey’s friend and takes the reader on a journey of events over a period of 14 years which eventually leads him to dedicating his life to advancing the kingdom of God. In this book, you will journey through the true story of a young man imprisoned at the tender age of eighteen for the death of his friend. Relive the heart wrenching and breath taking moments with the author as he revisits the darkness that once consumed his life. Be mesmerized as a spiritual battle encompasses his soul in a fight for sanity and redemption after the tragic death of his friend.

Be educated and enlightened as the author exposes the trickery, deceit, and condemnation the enemy used in order to keep him from fulfilling his destiny as an ambassador to the kingdom of God.  Experience the many trials, tribulations, defeats, and triumphs that molded him into a powerful light sent by God to expose all darkness in all places, which the enemy has been using to keep the body of Christ in bondage. Receive a revelation of how God can change and rearrange circumstances in your life to make everything around you line up with His word. Most important of all, you will learn how the Holy Spirit can and wants to be a teacher, comforter, helper, counselor, and guiding light to everyone who accepts Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.   

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